5 Christmas Myths, Not Found in the Nativity Story

Myth 1: Farm animals at the birth

Old Testament

The prophet Isaiah in Chapter 1:3 recounts his vision:

Early Church

It is in the Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew that we find the first mention of an ox and a donkey being part of the nativity scene with Jesus. By the way, this is also one of the sources that promoted the idea of a young Mary and a much older Joseph.


When St. Francis petitioned the Pope to allow him to hold a special mass on Christmas Eve with a creche in Greccio in 1223. Francis directed:

Myth 2: Three Kings of Orient

Myth 3: Magi at the Birth

Myth 4: Born in a Stable

Myth 5: Angels Singing

  • Handel’s Messiah XIV. Recit: There were Shepherds sets up the Chorus Glory to God
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