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  • Paco Cantero

    Paco Cantero

    Productivity Top Writer on Medium | +30 years in PKM | I help overwhelmed knowledge workers to set up simple PKMs to improve their lives https://bit.ly/3rrzeV3

  • Anders Thoresson

    Anders Thoresson

    Freelance reporter covering science and technology. http://anders.thoresson.se

  • Ellane W

    Ellane W

    Graphic designer and educational publisher for more than 30 years. Part-time teacher, full-time light seeker.

  • Denise Todd

    Denise Todd

    Author/Speaker writing about supporting other writers, critical thinking, knowledge management, story structure, and other things that matter.

  • Daniel Doyon

    Daniel Doyon

    Former corporate success story who quit his job and now makes a living travelling the world and blogging about how you too can quit your job and travel

  • Michael Simmons

    Michael Simmons

    I teach people to learn HOW to learn / Serial entrepreneur / Bestselling author / Contributor: Time, Fortune, and Harvard Business Review

  • Bob Baffert

    Bob Baffert

    You can make anything by writing

  • Numeric Citizen

    Numeric Citizen

    Long time blogger about #apple #photography #privacy, #climatechange and some more. https://linktr.ee/numericcitizen

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