History of Earth Day

Google and Earth Day

Google has gained ground going green, gathering gazillions of G-Suite guests giddy with great gobs of gleefully garnered gigabytes of storage.

Apple and Earth Day

Stewardship of Earth

Recently, however, there has been increased concern regarding our displacement of the original aboriginal inhabitants of Earth, as is often the case with more “advanced” conquerors, which is how we like to think of ourselves.

Extinction and Earth Day

Increased recognition of this under-represented previous population of our planet, sometimes persecuted almost to the point of extinction — when was the last time you saw a chocolate bush? — has brought more considerable attention to rampant plantocide; witness, for example, that in Kansas whole fields of corn continue to be slaughtered.

Plantophilia and Earth Day

Hence, this year we pay particular attention paid to underprivileged plants, with the motto:

Respect on Earth Day

So, in celebration, let’s respect our plant brethren. They’re often at least as intelligent as many people you know; have you ever noticed how a sunflower tracks the movement of the sun? Think about it, Van Gogh did.

  • Memorable: it’s shaped like the AT&T logo.
  • Spherical: which makes it convenient for those ’round-the-world trips and has a much more pleasing shape than from where we came. Have you ever wondered why we called the previous generation “squares?” Coincidence?
  • Great restaurants: and great atmosphere, unlike, for example, the Moon, which has great restaurants but no atmosphere.
  • Oxygen-Nitrogen atmosphere: this is so crucial for those of us who breathe and better than methane in so many ways.
  • Gravity: which is set at a convenient “one-g,” quite handy for keeping everything in its place. It’s why we say someone is “down to Earth.”
  • Neighbors: in this part of the galaxy, usually far enough away that they don’t bother us much, and those who do are generally more intelligent than average, needing to understand things like calculus, tachyons, and superluminal FTL dynamics for hyperspatial physics.

Writer and technologist. Author of fascinating articles about history, tech trends, and pop culture. billpetro.com @billpetro

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