History of July: Where Do We Get That Name?

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Gaius Julius Caesar


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Julian calendar in stone


Though Julius Caesar is often called the first Emperor of Rome, that honor actually goes to Octavian or Augustus Caesar to whom Julius was a great uncle. Julius did, nevertheless, play an essential part in Rome’s transformation from a Republic to an Empire. He rose to the position of “perpetual dictator, ” and his conquest of Gaul and his invasion of Britain extended the Roman world to the North Sea.


The idea that Julius Caesar was born by Caesarian section is colorful but inaccurate. The story dates back at least to the 10th century, but Julius wasn’t the first to take the cognomen Caesar, and it was unlikely that he was born by this method. During his day, the procedure was only performed on mothers who died during childbirth. We know that Aurelia, Caesar’s mother, lived long after he was born. The etymology of caesarian may well have come from cadere, “to cut.”

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