History of St Joseph’s Day: Why not more popular?

Why don’t we hear more about St Joseph’s Day?

I cannot think of St Joseph’s Day without recalling the skits from the ’70s Saturday Night Live by comedian and show writer Don Novello as the (fictitious) Father Guido Sarducci, papal legate and gossip columnist for The Vatican Enquirer. He talked about St Patrick as compared to St Joseph:

History of St Joseph’s Day

While the celebration of Joseph’s life goes back to the 10th century, it was officially established in Rome in 1479, and later Pope Pius V extended it to the whole church in 1570.

St Joseph and Sicily

During the Middle Ages, there was a severe drought in Sicily. Crops were failing, and families were starving. Sicilians prayed to San Giuseppe (Joseph) to help them by sending rain. They promised a feast in his name if he could answer their prayers. The rain came. Crops were planted, preventing a widespread famine in Sicily, and the people kept their word. Now every year, a table is prepared with gifts, both of food and sentiment, in thanks to St Joseph. It is widely believed that this is the reason the celebration is held in March.

St Joseph’s Tavola (table)
Sawdust pasta

History of St Joseph

What we know about Joseph is as memorable as it is brief. We learn about him from the nativity story in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke.

What about the pictures of St Joseph as an old man?

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